9 Tips to Visit Kidzania Singapore like a PRO!

After the longggggggggg wait, it’s finally here! Before the official launch in Singapore, KidZania has already gotten quite a lot of attention and hype from parents on forums and social medias. Since the establishment of its first city in Mexico in 1991, it has already clocked >40m visitors worldwide! Isn’t that impressive? KidZania has a world-wide coverage of 22 countries with many more in the pipelines and just to name a few, it is causing quite a storm in places like Mexico, Jakarta, Manila, London, Cairo, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubai, KL, Mumbai and Singapore of course.

Sitting on a huge space of 81,000 sq ft, KidZania is an actual kid’s theme city that has their own economy/currencies and it’s named as 1 of the fastest growing edutainment player in the world! 81,000 sq ft sounds gigantic and to put that into measurable context, it is approximately the size of 2 football fields. Now that’s huge! No wonder it is able house a real size Boeing 737 airplane to fulfill the dreams of many child to become a pilot! With just 8 hours of operating playtime and a city the size of 2 football fields, here are a few tips to conquer KidZania Singapore like a PRO!

A real size Boeing 737!

A real size Boeing 737!

1. Cater a FULL DAY @ KidZania and prepare your MAYBANK Credit Card!

The entrance seems a little pricey @ $55.10/Kid and $33.25/Adult and will cost > $100 easily for a small family of 3 (10% off for MAYBANK card holders). To maximize this, be there early! Book your tickets online to guarantee a place in the kids’ city to avoid any disappointment. Take note that it is not possible to skip the queue though since every individual needs to be tagged and be given the entrance tickets. Most of the job will take up ~ 20 mins + ~20-60mins of waiting time + 2 hours of lunch and breaks, you can do the math! It is almost impossible to complete all the activities in 1 day! DO NOT think that 8 hours is more than sufficient to complete the city, it is not.

Look @ my security tag!

Look @ my security tag!

KidZania price list

Price List

2. Toddlers are welcomed but not encouraged.

Toddlers will pay a much lower fee as compared to normal kid (> 4 yrs old) but don’t be fooled by the discount. There are only 2 areas in the entire KidZania City that caters for this age group so it is actually not value for $$ in this perspective. I would advise against bringing toddlers into KidZania unless you happen to be in Sentosa Island with them and the weather is bad for outdoor activities or you are feeling rich. But $$ aside, most of the activities in KidZania would require a certain level of comprehension and understanding so toddlers would unlikely be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the jobs offered.

Garden Asia Kids - Kindergarten

Garden Asia Kids – Kindergarten

3. Educate before heading into the City.

The night before the actual trip, give your child a run-through of what this place is all about. Educate them the concept behind this Kid’s City and tell them it is not just another indoor playground. Tell them that KidZania has something more to offer and it will do so in an education and interactive manner. It gives a sneak preview to the job nature of every real-life jobs out there, encouraging them to try out occupations that they might like! They also earn the concept of earning your worth before spending the day’s earning (KidZo – KidZania’s official currency). My son’s full day worth of earnings was spent on a small eraser (my son picked an eraser, really! Maybe that’s the only thing he could buy with his earnings.) This is the kind of life lesson that money can’t buy, technically! How difficult it is to earn a few dollars, and how easily the same amount can be spent. Teaching them the concept of $$ starts here!


I made some money today!

4. Be independent.

Be mentally prepared! Parents are not allowed into the activities’ room so there is no way we can enter. We can observe them behind the glass windows for most of the activities, which are the highlights of the trip for parents. There will be many funny and precious moments where parents can see how their child will react under different situations. If you think you can just sit on the bench and chill for 20 mins every time your child enter an activity room, think again.


Ice-cream making factory!

5. Check out the schedules for special events!

There are a few special events in KidZania like Peranakan Parade, Teenage Multant Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet, Clock Tower Dance that will take place @ specific hours so do check out their timings before starting on any activities. Some of the timings can be found here: https://www.kidzania.com.sg/events-and-promotions/


Theatre – TMNT Meet and Greet!

6. Plan your activities wisely.

Before admission, the Qatar air stewardess will issue a KidZania’s map as well as a guide on becoming a citizen of KidZania – aka applying for a passport (loyalty program). The KidZania’s passport is meant to collect stamps from each activity room with special entitlement @ every level (3 levels all together, bronze, silver and gold – not a requirement, optional). Take a look at the activities offered from the list (https://www.kidzania.com.sg/kids-activities/) and plan your day wisely. Like I mentioned earlier, it is almost impossible to complete all the activities so it’s wiser to go for the less crowded (hence less popular) jobs first and leave those popular ones right at the end (when there are less people around). The popular ones are intuitive – just like in the real life, pilot, doctors, surgeon, dentist, fire fighter, policemen are the ones that require at least 10-60 mins of waiting time each.


Off to fight a fire! Waited 20 mins in the queue for the chance to be a real fire fighter!


KZPD Petroling!

KZPD Petroling! Give way!

BBQ-ing the fake LCG Bak Kwa!

BBQ-ing the fake LCG Bak Kwa!

7. Pack and feast on your lunch while waiting in the queue!

There are plenty of benches around KidZania City and most of them can be found right outside the activity rooms. Eating while waiting in the line is an effective way to maximize the time. Alternatively, if you are keen on some pizza, head up to level 2’s Pizza Hut where your child is able to be a pizza chef. He/she will be be able to bake his/her own pan sized pizza that’s fit for consumption @ a cost of 10 Kidzo (their currency).

Pizza Chefs in the house!

Pizza Chefs in the house!

8. Check the age/KidZo/height/group restriction before queuing!

The last thing you want to do is to waste your timing queuing for an activity only to realize that there are specific requirements for a particular activity. Precious time wasted + disappointed kids = NO. NO.

9. Cash out before leaving KidZania as you would need them to purchase stuff @ the Kids Departmental Store.

At the end of the trip, remember to head towards a MAYBANK ATM nearby to cash out the KidZo. You won’t be able to use the ATM card as a credit card for the purchases @ the Kids Departmental Store. They only accept CASH. =)

KidZania's Square and Departmental Store

KidZania’s Square and Departmental Store


Kidzania Shops!

Enjoy your trip @ KidZania Singapore and I hope you will find this article useful!

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