Baby Spa Time @ Mums & Babies (Seletar Mall)

The temperature outside is at a scotching hot 34 degrees! How nice it would be if we can all hide indoor, immerse ourselves in a cool air-conditioned shopping mall, away from the populated areas……and……….it would be god-sent if we can find a pool within where we can all dive in!  Luckily for us, we got a piece of gift voucher that allows all of the above! The flip side is that it only admits one baby because this is a voucher from Mums & Babies’ Baby Spa located @ the 3rd level of Seletar Mall!

This was baby L’s first experience in a pool so we have to ensure that she is well-taken care of from the start till the end. Failure to do so might have adverse effects on her receptiveness to water in the future so there is no way we are going to take that chance. We arrived at Mums & Babies’ (Seletar Mall) shop front and were greeted by a brightly lighted reception. The friendly recep then guided us in filling up baby L’s particulars as part of the SOP of the company.

mums & babies_1

Mums & Babies Shop Front (Seletar Mall)

If you wish to have a more personalized experience for your baby, there are various products on the racks just for that “exclusive” swim in the spa. They range from moisturizing creams, body wash to head floats and they are neatly displayed right at the entrance of the shop.

mums & babies_3

Various merchandises on sale

mums & babies_4

Babies’ Hall of Fame

Just like any sports activities, it is important to do proper stretching prior to reduce the chances of any injuries and babies are of no exception! Staff Sheila was well-trained in this aspect and she executed the routine with baby L smiling widely throughout the 3 mins session!

Baby Lara_2

Baby L enjoying her stretching exercises

mums & babies_5

Well decorated changing/stretching stations

mums & babies_7

Well decorated changing/stretching stations

mums & babies_8

Alilo Bunny sold at the store

The shop also carries Alilo Bunny which has quite a few tricks up its’ sleeves. This pricy little bunny is capable of stories telling, singing songs, lighting up the room with its head/ears, recording and instant playback etc. To be honest, the features stated on the site goes on and on till it sounded like 1 of the must have gadgets when James Bond goes on his field trip.

Baby Lara_1

Baby L was totally enjoying the session

mums & babies_6

2 individual pools for younger babies < 6 months and 1 bigger pool for older babies > 6 months

Given the size of the pool, we naturally associated it with “Group Swim” but was later corrected by the staffs saying that due to the power of the jets in the pool below, they may not be suitable for babies younger than 6 months old.

mums & babies_9

The bigger pool for babies > 6 months

Overall, it was a pleasant experience @ BB Spa. Staffs were not pushy in terms of sales and the way they handled baby L gave parents the reassurance that the baby was in good hands. There were no visible difference in treatment for gift voucher users Vs normal paying customers which we truly appreciate and applaud. For more information, feel free to contact them below!

BB SPA @ Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Avenue, #03-31/32, 018960
Tel: (+65) 6702 6616 or email