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Hey there! Welcome to SGChildCare! A page specially designed for people like us who cares about nurturing our children!

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Have you been looking for a suitable childcare centre for your little ones but don’t know where or how to begin? Have you created multiple logins on the various childcare forums available online to get a clearer “on-the-ground” picture? Or hopped from centres to centres asking the same list of questions in search of a suitable place for your child? Have you been cracking your brain to find the right courses to develop your kids’ potential to the fullest?

If you experience the above, good news for you! You are not alone! As parents ourselves, we’ve been through it. And many times, we wished for a simple platform where we can share our experiences and look for specific information without having to plough through multiple threads. We wish to be part of a consolidated, closely knitted online community with the right proprietary technology as our parenthood’s companion. Hence, with a hearty concoction of “endless possibilities”, “selfless sharing”, “gluey connections”, a pinch of “sparkling dust” and a generous serving of “love potions”, “POOF”, SG ChildCare was born!

At SG ChildCare, we put our heart and soul in to create a 1-stop web portal that strives to help parents make more informed decisions. We went the extra mile, sweating it out to visit every childcare centre in Singapore to reflect the most complete coverage on our portal. Our portal aims to provide you with detailed pictorial guides of the childcare centres, constructive reviews (and we need your help to achieve this!), childcare centres walkthroughs via “SG Writeup”, SG Kids’ Mart (our very own E-Commerce section), event listings on our calendar and many more upcoming features!!

A little more on our E-Commerce site – SG Kids’ Mart:
SG Kids’ Mart is set up to provide a range of hand-picked titles that you may use as teaching aids for your kids. Reading at a young age encourages children to develop a love for learning, and your involvement in the nurturing process can create special bonding moments, lovingly treasured in time to come. Our products have been classified into six categories for your ease of selection: Young Learners, Adventurers, Enthusiasts, Visuals, Sensory, and Interactive Games. Bookmark us and stay tuned for our latest additions as we go through countless titles to bring nothing but the best to you!