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Hi there ,

I have had disappointing experience with Innate Montessori where my daughter spent about a year. Although they do boast about a unique style of teaching and Montessori methods, but it turns out to be just fancy words used for getting more business and making money.

They have hired lot of Filipino and Indian teachers which appears to be unskilled, which was evident whenever we asked for my daughters feedback they always complain about minor things that they are not able to handle (e.g. identifying big vs small). Most of the teacher are not even able to communicate properly in English.

On top of it, they keep a very strict and fearful environment, which is difficult to notice from the outside. As a parent, we think that when a kid doesn’t want to go to school (or cry in the morning when leaving for school) its just a usual tantrum. But then we realise that its not usual when we switched her school about 2 months ago. She is very happy to go the new school. She still freaks out when we ask her to send to her old school. Fear cannot be good for a child at this age.

I feel when it comes to choosing a pre-school for your kids, look for transparency on their teaching methods. They might have a fancy room on the outside, but the classrooms in the back is not a good sign (as you never get to see how they manage kids). See if they let you talk to the real teachers who would be interacting with your child, thats would be a better way to decide on a pre-school. There is little point in talking to a principle who’s mostly boasting for business and using fancy terms.

I hope this feedback help if you are looking for a decision when sending your kid to a pre-school.

Dear Ms Amruta,
We are pleased that Kaiyi is awarded first in class this year.
Once again we would like to thank the teachers in Innate for helping him build a strong foundation and instilling a love for learning in him, such that he is able to progress well into Primary School this year.
Please keep up the great work and help us send our appreciation to everyone in Innate.

Kaiyi’s mummy

Dear Ms Amruta,

Time flies. It has been 1 year since Yunsen left Innate Montessori and soon he will become a P2 pupil.

In past one year, Yunsen did enjoy study and social activities at school. Thanks for the foundation built by you and all teachers not only for academic side but also in term of social connection part. Yunsen got the best in class award last Friday and we would like to share the happiness with you and most importantly to thanks for your effort and strong foundation built during Innate Montessori time. He keeps his curiousness and self encouragement for learning and sport ( still love soccer very much :-)) He is very happy to know Winnie will go to Innate Montessori which means he could go back to see you all more often.

Once again we would like to thanks for you and all teachers. See you soon in Jan.

Wish you a happy holiday and all the best!

With best regards,