Day out @ the farms! Farmart Centre/Jurong Frog Farm/Hay Dairies

It’s bright and sunny today, a perfect day for outdoor activities! After months of being blanket in thick layer of smogs, it is now finally safe to go outdoor. What could be a better way to catch some fresh air other than farm hopping? Talking about farms, Kranji Countryside offers a handful of local farms that open its door to public so that city dwellers like us can get closer to nature and lay our hands on organic produces, educate ourselves on conservation and sustainability or simply have Fun! Moreever, 62 of these farms will need to make way for army camps once their leases expire between 2017 till 2021 and the farms operators have yet to receive details on where they will be moving to. Better visit them before they are gone!

The journey to the west will take us about 45 mins on car and it makes sense to get out of bed early to make sure we don’t miss some of the morning activities on the farm. For non-drivers, fear not – you can simply hop on to one of the many Kranji Countryside Express buses @ Kranji MRT Station that will stop over @ multiple farms along the way. For just $3 for a round trip, its a cost-effective option to visit all the farms! The Express bus will stop at the few locations below:

  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
  • Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia)
  • D’Kranji Farm Resort
  • Bollywood Veggies
  • Hay Dairies Goat Farm
  • Jurong Frog Farm


For us, we stopped by Farmart Centre as our 1st stopover to grab some organic fruits/1st born eggs and to visit the Animal Corner.

Farmart Centre

Old School animal rides

Farmart Centre remains one of the places in Singapore that still offers quite a selection of nostalgic kiddy rides/games that used to be very popular back in the 90s.

Kranji Countryside Map

As you can see from the map above, there are quite a handful of farms around this area. Some of the farms include Qian Hu Corporation, Nippon Koi Farm, Kok Fah Tech Farm, D’Krangi Farm Resort, Bollywood veggies, Jurong Frog Farm, Hay Dairies, Fire Flies Health Farm and many more.

Animal Corner Farmmart market

@ the animal corner, the vendors are busy preparing organic fruits/veggies for the health conscious shoppers (did I mention that a big organic water melon only cost you $2!) as well as animal feeds for kids who wish to feed the animals. $5 for a basket of animal feeds for the parrots, fishes, turtles, rabbits and greens for the goats.

Goat 2


Whatcha looking at?


Animal Corners Farmart centre

Catfish look-alike fishes, parrots and giant terrapins staking on top of each other.

Uncle Williams

Uncle William’s egg stall is one of the more prominent stall in Farmart Centre that is located in the outer ring of the centre. Other than the giant billboard, public is also drawn to the 1st born eggs that uncle William is offering. 1st born egg is the first egg being born to the young and healthy hen in its lifetime. As for the health fact, 1st born egg is supposed to have a lower cholesterol level as compared to the regular eggs (~130mg per egg Vs ~186mg per egg). Don’t be fooled by the name though as 1st born eggs are generally not expensive and you can a tray of 30s @ $5 only @ Uncle William’s.

Chow Chow

1 of our favourite place to go to in Farmart Centre has to be this landscaping shop that is house to 5 Chow Chows! These dogs are so adorable and if you group 5 of them together, its cuteness flow! The one in the picture has just taken its shower and hence the dampness in the fur (less fluffy look)! The rest of its families are kept behind the door in the background while the staff groom this little fellow with a brush and hair dryer.


Hay Dairies entrance

Hay Dairies is the well-known goat farm that is known for supplying goat’s milk to major supermarkets in Singapore. Goat’s milk supporters argued that goat’s milk is the closest substitute to human’s breast milk and boasts many health benefits. People who are prone to eczema (sensitive to cow’s milk usually) may be able to get the necessary nutrients from goat’s milk.

Hay Dairies goat

Hay Dairies poster

Personally, chocolate makes the goat’s milk taste way better than it’s original cousin. For $2.50/bottle, its not exactly cheap but for the health benefits, it may be worth the price tag to some.

Jurong Frog Farm

Juronf Frog Farm Entrance

Jurong Frog Farm 2

Jurong Frog Farm

Throughout the frog farm, we can see alot of frog paintings on the walls which will lift the spirits of visitors touring the place.

Frog Tour


Awesome disclaimer just at the entrance of the breeding ground for the bull frogs.

Singapore population without FT

Singapore without FTs.

Singpoare polulation with FT

Singapore with FTs.

Catch Frogs

1 of the highlights of this place is the area above where kids can rent a pair of boots/tank/net in an attempt to catch the frogs/tadpoles into the tank provided. You are not supposed to bring your catch back home and those frogs/tadpoles caught are being released back into the area for the next batch of kids.

Crab Farm

This is one of the crab farm we visited just 3 mins drive away from Hay Dairies. Unfortunately, they have stopped farming crabs and are selling crabs @ $45/kg.