If you are a Singaporean born in the 80’s, probably you have experienced these before!

Back in the days when we were still young and innocent, we often take what our parents/grandparents said for REAL. We often comply with the tasks assigned (or at least I did) thinking that the negative consequences were too much for our little hearts to bear. Here are my top 5 experiences:

  • “You better behave yourself, or the police will come and catch you!”
  • Oh comeon, I thought the Policemen’s natural duty is to protect the old, adolescent, weak against the villains? Why should I be afraid of Policemen? Just imagine a kid running away from a policeman trying to save him from a pedophile. Disastrous!
  • “Go to bed now or the Ka-Ka (monsters) will come and eat the small children that are not asleep by then”
  • Afraid of the dark or  having “Nyctophobia”? Ever wondered if this could be the root of the problem? 
  • “Finish your dinner faster, if not Ah Boy (your cousin) will finish first and be no. 1!”
  • While a friendly competition is welcomed anytime in adulthood, creating a sense of jealousy/competitive environment might do more harm than good.
  • “You better don’t jump here and there or I will give it to you with the cane!”
  • Empty threats backfire easily so please do what you said you would do else it won’t work the next time.
  • Child clinging onto parents when they are going out: “PAPA MAMA, I want to follow you!” Parents: “Good boy/girl, PAPA MAMA are going downstairs to buy something and we will be back very soon. Later we will buy lollipops for you ok?”
  • Lying to the kids may make your life easier as parents but honesty is still the best policy! They may not understand the logic now but they will eventually. +ve about it.

By SG ChildCare