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Little Petals Preschool shapes God’s Angels futures

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Little Petals believes that children are individual flower petals and through individual nurturing, they will collectively bloom into their full potential. Children’s learning is tailored to meet individual styles of learning, preferences and needs, and staff nurture partnerships between parents and caregivers to ensure that the student care is holistic. Parents can even go to the quarterly workshops held by Little Petals staff to keep them involved in their child’s learning and development.

From the moment you walk through the door of Little Petals Preschool, the bright, friendly atmosphere draws you in to explore more of this modern facility. As you walk through reception the hallway opens up onto a series of designated spaces that offer students different areas appropriate to their activity at the time. It is apparent from first impressions a lot of money has been invested to give students the best facilities possible.

1. Reception - Little Petals

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Attendance lists, hand sanitizers, thermometers, disinfection wipes are keep well organized for the orderly registration every morning. Little Petals take care of the finest details and will make sure the medications are properly segregated according to the classes and well within reach.

Much thought went into the design of the school with designated spaces for play, learning and creating. Many spaces adopted the open concept or have glass walls so that care givers are able to keep a watchful eyes on the little petals.

As you come through the hall it branches into several directions. On the right is a huge, colourful interactive play area where children can climb, crawl and play on the safe equipment to their heart’s content, creating games to play with each other in complete safety. On the left is another open hallway that surrounds a large room with glass walls set centrally into the school’s heart where children can interact with a large digitized screen to move and groove to the music. It is also a space where students can create their own music using the variety of instruments and they can learn to work together to make beautiful music.


9. Music Room - Little Petals

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Across from the move and groove room is another open space called the dramatic hub where children learn through role play, and can play music and dress up to play out scenes from their imagination. There is also a nice open space setup as a creative space where children can explore their creativity through drawing and painting.

7. Playarea - Little Petals

5. Arts Corner - Little Petals

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The Little Petals facility balances open, fun, funky, play areas with several enclosed, spaces setup for quiet concentration. In these rooms students can focus on academic learning and development to balance their play time with study.

When students get hungry, there is a state of the art dining hub to provide students with delicious, nutritious meals to sustain their minds and bodies throughout the day. Little Petals even has a cosy corner on the second level where children can snuggle down quietly with a toy or a book, and take a well-earned nap.

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Walking through the school you get the impression that student’s health and welfare is of paramount importance and staff genuinely care for the children charged to their care. Any parent can feel assured that everything from their child’s academic learning to interactive and creative play to teach important lessons to take through life is catered for by its staff. This is the perfect place for parents to send their children for balanced learning, care and nutrition.


At Little Petals the children’s learning is important and they believe all children are individuals and may need a mix of approaches to help them reach their potential. Through interactive, fun lessons children learn a basic appreciation for numbers, as well as bilingual literacy, artistic expression and self-discovery. Little Petals strongly believes in character building and it helps students to achieve this through teaching the understanding of the power of gratitude.

With a low ratio of students to teachers, the teaching staff at Little Petals Preschool are fully trained and selected to complement the facility’s core values, and for their love of children and eternal patience. And, the Little Petals staff are friendly and helpful and deeply care for their students. Their role is to nurture students to help them develop into balanced, confident individuals. They also plan special projects and events to further enhance student learning and appreciation of the arts.


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Because all children are unique, they learn at different paces and different children need different approaches to maximize their learning potential. Little Petals has designed its curriculum to meet the needs of enquiring minds full of curiosity through programs such as:

  • Bilingual Literacy. Making learning languages fun and interesting through play acting and learning to speak, creates an environment that encourages children to naturally engage in activities.
  • Artistic Appreciation. Teaching artistic appreciation and expression by exposing students to arts in its different forms (for example, music, writing, drawing, and dance) through experience.
  • Appreciation for Numbers. Mathematics is an important fundamental skills and staff teach students the basics of numbers and logics as well as how to identify patterns and shapes.
  • Self-discovery. Because the world is preoccupied with the latest technological gadgets they risk not developing interpersonal skills. Little Petals places a lot of importance on character building and how gratitude is in an important part of life. Self-discovery promotes self-awareness by encouraging students to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions to help build meaningful relationships.


Children’s safety is of paramount importance and we see visible evidence of this with the pristine state of the school, safety elements added to doors to protect little fingers and all equipment is in safe, working condition. With clean bathrooms, dining and sleeping areas in pristine condition, any parent can send their child here confident of their safety.

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Little Petals Preschool provides premium childcare in a fun, safe, nurturing environment that promotes holistic enrichment in the early years of a child’s life. Enrollments are open to children up to 7 years old for half-day or full day programs. The school is in the central location of North View Bizhub, making it an excellent place for working parents to feel safe entrusting the learning and development needs of their children to the staff at Little Petals Preschool. For more information on Little Petals Preschool and how they can assist in your childcare needs, contact them to set up a meeting or schedule a visit!

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