Organization Skills for the little ones. Check them out here!
House is in a MESS-

Loosing lunch boxes, doing gardening, painting on the wall, losing homework are some of the familiar things every parent faces. Children are always on the go as they are most eager at this stage to learn new things and discover its best to let them follow their insight in this journey so that they develop mind skills. However, teaching them to be a little organized will make them be more self-disciplined and responsible in the future. There are some basic organizational skills you should teach your child otherwise the messes your child makes will haunt you and then his or her spouse for life.

  1. Teach your child to keep his room clean: cleaning up is an important habit for kids to learn. They should learn to keep their cupboards and room clean after they have played with the toys. If there are no rules set you are bound to find some toys welcoming you whenever you enter your child’s room.
  2. Use checklists and planners: Teach them how to make check lists of the activities lined up for the day. This will help them remember their chores and homework and organize themselves.
  3. Establish and maintain a routine: make a suitable routine with your child according to his decision and choice so that he feels responsible for the routine choice he makes for himself.
  4. Help them prioritize: Make them understand that play time is not the most prioritized activity of the day; Infect homework should be prioritized by the children on their checklists.
  5. Prepare in advance: Leaving things to the last minute just calls for chaos! Instead, encourage your child to lay out their clothes and pack their backpack the night before school.
  6. Think like a child: You will have better understanding of how to teach your children to organize when you think from their point of view.
  7. Sharing and giving: Teach them to share this is one of the most important skills to teach and can be very difficult to develop in some children. Sit with them and collect old toys and clothes and encourage them to give to the poor to develop a sense of care.
  8. Make it fun: Making things look fun to do will make teaching a skill easier. For example every child loves songs, so you can motivate your child to clean his room while you dance with him on his favourite song.

Contributed by:   Ramshajunaid