Perks of being a parent! Existing/new measures from the Government! – Infographic

Panda eyes, unshaven face, messy hairdo, angsty temper, finances woe and the list can go on forever. As parents, we are all too familiar with all these intangibles that come along FOC with the birth of your very first child and having to live in 1 of the most expensive city in the world – Singapore, things could get a little messier. With all the stresses derived from either the long working hours or the new parenthood journey, we could really use a little help in this tiny red dot that we called HOME. Fortunately for us, our prayers have partially been answered by our Government with all the existing and new measures implemented to help parents better cope with the new addition to the family. Here’s an infographic from SG ChildCare to summarize the peaks of being a parent in Singapore!

Perks of Being Parent!

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