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As soon as you walk into Picket fence you notice the way the natural light spills into the room, it seems to lend a cheery atmosphere to the school. The classroom is warm and inviting, the open concept makes the space appear even bigger than it is, and the children appreciate this, even if they do not say so. It makes it seem like it is more limitless in their surroundings, yet also very cozy. If there is one thing Picket Fence knows it is that when children feel safe, as if they were in their own home, like a “home away from home”.

When children feel more relaxed they are more likely and ready to learn. Picket Fence knows that every child is unique and has different abilities. Being able to explore the different learning areas inside of the classroom helps the children develop holistically and actively, two of the fundamentals Picket Fence is built on.


Dramatic Corner

In an open concept classroom separate areas are designated for different types of learning, such as reading, drama, language, and eating. It is through this care for quality approach to childcare that they will lay the foundations for maximum development of your child. Picket Fence wants to be the place where your child feels safe and comfortable enough to relax and let themselves become fully immersed in the lessons and sensory experience. The staff is well trained and committed to caring for your child’s needs. The instructors believe every child is unique and has different abilities, and alter their style of teaching to teach the child at developmentally appropriate levels so that the child can learn the way they need as an individual.



Play is an important part of the natural way children learn and discover their own abilities. Here at Picket Fence children can refine and build their gross motor skills, in all the ways that make it fun! There is plenty of space for little bodies to exercise and burn off some off their energy so that they can focus on lessons when it is time.  The indoor playground was designed to be a safe area where your child can climb, scramble, and have few worries of any injury.Chasing each other around, hiding in or climbing through the tunnel, and making trips down the slide are a highlight of children’s play time at Picket Fence.

Art Works

Free play is an important time to act out dramas, and manipulate objects in the environment according to the way they are perceived in the world. Through these activities children learn concepts about themselves and their peers, and the types of relationships humans have with one another. These relationships with their peers are more than just memories of good friends, but skills for communicating and interacting with other. Cognitive and social skills are important building blocks of early childhood, and help teach resiliency of character to face future skills. There are many ways the children can act out their passions and pursue their interests with an eclectic variety of toys that stimulate this type of play.

Birthday Months

The “Birthday Tree” is there to make sure no kids will be left out and everyone will have their birthday celebrated with their friends in school.


Hungry Caterpilla


The dining area is well organized and has plenty of informative and  fun decorations to inspire the children to make healthy choices. There is a food guide pyramid for visual illustration of portion sizes, and a fun activity with a fruit basket and a caterpillar where the children can help the caterpillar make healthy choices.

Picket Fence Yishun_9

Smiley mirrors improve the kids’ experience in the washrooms and makes the routine washing of hands a little less boring!


Spacious classroom

Picket Fence wants to inspire your children to learn, not just direct them. The staff is supportive and accommodating to the individual student’s needs, while still focusing on a broad topic, such as transportation. The committed caregivers at Picket Fence facilitate an agenda for the day, but are flexible in how they teach each child the curriculum. The children is able to fully explore and use all of their senses to help learn about and reinforce whatever the topic may be that week. During and after activities, “talk to me sessions” are implemented where children can express what they have learned or know about a subject and then teachers can further lead them to develop critical thinking skills. There is an emphasis on helping the children interweave the six learning areas Picket Fence has focused on for the framework of their curriculum.  The six areas include; aesthetics and creative expression, discovery of the world, language and literacy comprehension, motor skills development, numeracy, and social and emotional development. Picket Fence achieves this task through its professional, educated, and dedicated team of caregivers that use positive disposition techniques, known as PRAISE.


Through PRAISE (perseverance, reflectiveness, appreciation, inventiveness, sense of wonder and curiosity, and engagement) educators bring about more desirable behaviors. Picket Fence knows that  fundamental development begins forming in the earliest of time frames from infancy through toddlerhood and has developed specific goals for each critical age group in the center. All of the age specific curriculums are based on the six principles that provide the framework of which each lesson and experience is built around.

Infant  2-18 months   

Focus on physical, sensory-motor, perceptual, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills to help infants emerge secure and confident.     

Early years 19-36 months  

Focus on the six learning areas described above taught at least three times weekly, to help children prepare for the preschool curriculum using similar themes. Preschool curriculum is built on top of the foundation that is laid first in the infant room, and lessons are designed to expose the children to English and the mother tongue language.       

Preschool curriculum 3-6 years old   

Utilizing the belief that every child is unique and develops at their own pace learning experiences are designed with consideration of social and language background. Lessons are crafted in both the native tongue and English in such a manner as to inspire children to acquire knowledge, and seek answers through through social interaction with peers and teachers. At the end of the preschool we want our graduating children to;

  • Know what is right and what is wrong
  • Be willing to share and take turns with other
  • Be able to relate to others
  • Be curious and able to explore
  • Be able to listen and speak with understanding
  • Be comfortable and happy with themselves
  • Have developed physical co-ordination, healthy habits, participate in and enjoy a variety of arts experiences
  • Love their families, friends, teachers and school

Gross Motor Area

Picket Fence Yishun_3

Picket Fence has a lot of engaging areas and unique furniture for the children to have their own space, or mingle with others while they pursue and investigate their passion and learn about the world around them. It is designed with such care and consideration that children not only look forward to school, but look forward to learning everyday at their school. Picket Fence wants to be a nurturing environment that brings comfort and encourages growth, a place that manifests creative thought, and supports progress however small or large the accomplishment. 

For more information on Picket Fence Education @ Yishun and how they can assist in your childcare needs, contact them to set up a meeting or schedule a visit!

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