Singapore’s First Pororo Indoor Playground!

Penguin ranks #2 in my son’s chart of favorite animals but it’s not just any penguins, its not Pigu nor those whackos from madagasca but the cute little fellow from Korea! This little boy’s eyes practically sparkled with excitement when he knew that we are bringing him to the Pororo indoor playground today. We first broke the news to our son that Singapore’s first Pororo indoor playground will be opening in November about 2 months ago and he has been waiting eagerly for the official launch.

Today is the big day and we all got up super early, determined to be the first family to enter the playground. We arrived at Marine Square @ 10am, a good 30 mins before the opening hours but we we were wrong! There was already a snaking queue before 1030am! Disappointment was shortlived given the fact that we were surrounded by so many cute animals, toys, balloons. How could anyone feel sad at Pororo village right? Its supposed to be a happy land! Haha.. When the staff opened the gate, everyone rushed in like a pack of hungry wolves!

Enough of the talking, lets take a look at some of the attractions in the park in greater details!!


Pororo Entrance

 Brightly lit entrance with Pororo extending his warm welcome to potential visitors, how could anyone say “No” ?

Pororo Near Entrance

Pororo Express

Someone give the polar bear a BIG FAT HUG!

Pororo Express

Pororo Express_fishing

Pororo Express Train multiple

This has to be the main highlight of the playground (regret to say, only kids are allowed on the Pororo Express). After queuing for 15 mins, finally its the little boy’s turn to go onboard Pororo Express! Kids’ safety is the paramount of any themeparks/playground and it is of no exception @ Pororo playground. Here, one of the friendly staff will make sure that all the kids are seated properly with their seat belts fasten before initiating the train. Once the engines are ignited, she will follow the kids around, gesturing to them, “Where are we going?”, allowing the kids’ imagination to run wild like the train.

Play Area

Pororo Play Area

There is a small play area for kids to catch their breathe before continuing their exciting journey through Pororo’s village.

Shark Ball Pool

Shark Ball Pool

JAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cuter version~. I thought it’s quite difficult even for an abled adult to get the ball into the mouth of the shark. Haha

Poby’s Jungle Gym

Pororo Playground

Nothing particularly special about this Jungle Gym as it is quite similar to other gyms from other playgrounds. However, the attentiveness of the staff here is worth mentioning like the one in the picture will stand at the slide area to ensure that the kids sliding down will land safely on the mat below.

Pororo House

Pororo House

Pororo House Inside

Pororo House Video

Eddy & Loopy’s Room

Eddy and Loppy House

Eddy and Loppy House 2

Eddy & Loopy’s room is actually a multi-purpose room that can be used for various kind of activities. As shown above, parents/kids can take some time off the buzzing play areas outside and spend some quiet moments together. Not too bad for a break huh? If you fancy a birthday celebration, this room is also spacious enough to house a decent party!


Happy Kid = Happy Parents!

TongTong’s Little Theatre

TongTong Little Theatre

This is TongTong’s mystery chamber in which you can find a mini stage setup for performances by Pororo and friends. Other than performances, Pororo Park’s management also worked with Mindchamps Preschool to present story-telling sessions. Remember to check out the schedule on the board first so that you can plan your time there! All these will take place inside TongTong’s little theatre!

Loppy’s Cafe

Loopy's Cafe

Loopy's Cafe 2

Loopy's Cafe 3

When there are playgrounds, they are bound to be cafes attached to them. From all the videos that we watched about Loppy, one would expected her cafe to serve food that we won’t be able to find elsewhere, it should be that magical right? For that, I am rather disappointed with the selection of food here. Unless you didn’t eat the previous day, I would recommend a short 15-20 mins break over a quick drink/dessert rather than an entire meal.

Rody’s Toy Store

Rody's Toy Store

Rody and shoes rack

Outside his toy’s store, Rody heartily gives park goers a big wave, wishing them a great time @ Pororo Park Singapore. Take a look at the shoes rack @ the backdrop, anymore shoes and the management of the park will have to get another one already! Given that this is the 1st 2-hrs slot of the day, it’s really quite amazing that we can get people to get out of bed this early on a weekend. Pororo’s POWER!

Pororo Card

The staff will issue one of this card per visiting adult/child which can be treated like an e-wallet in Pororo Park. You can make use of this card to pay for your purchases @ Rody’s Toy Store or at Loppy’s Cafe. All you need to do is to settle the bills charged to the card when exiting the Park. Similar to Uncle Sim’s Visa paywave card.


pororo charges

Charges for park admission.

Pororo Members

Pororo GOLD

GOLD Membership for hard-core Pororo fans. Supporting your favourite cartoon character doesn’t come cheap here @ Pororo Park.

Pororo Model

Pororo Mascot

Pororo Park without a Pororo mascot is like fishing in a pond without fishes. So when the cute penguin finally arrives, a long queue was formed quickly by kids wanting to have a close-up photograph taken with the star.

Petty Mascot

This left Petty with a lot lesser admirers. Uh-Oh~

Pororo and Friends

Finally, all good things must come to an end and this is it. Pororo and his friends, Eddy and Loopy put up a good show for all the kids who went for the earliest time slot possible. They played hide and seek with each other, sang a couple of songs with participating hand movements from the audiences and finally called it a day. What a morning! For a short video clip on the song/dance performed by the 3 animals, click on this link:

Pororo Park Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29 Singapore (038983)
Tel: (+65) 6250 9700 or email