Single/Busy Moms? Fear not! Here a tip or two!
Single Busy MOM

Single moms are both father and a mother to their kids; they have excess responsibilities this way. They can’t rely on anyone to pay utility bills or do groceries for them because they have to do a woman’s job as well as a man’s job. Raising a child when you are a single mom who is always up and going is not easy but mothers do a pretty good job at this; they can handle their child’s crankiness as well as get the car’s tire fix themselves. However, if you are a single mom looking for help in raising your child this might just be your guide.

Firstly, your kids understand you have a big responsibility being their single parent but don’t let this effect their childhood in any way so get  some help in looking after your kids appoint a nanny or a baby sitter to look after the kids while you are gone. This extra help would make you a little less worried at work.  Secondly, kids love to spend time with their parents so take out at least 2 hours from your schedule for your kids. To help them with their homework, to play basketball with them like their dad would, to ask them how was school and to just let them know that you care like a dad and a mom.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to divide your chores and household responsibilities according to your work load at work. Every mom would prefer to come home and just be with his child and relax after a tiring day at work. The key ingredient to a happier life for all the moms not just single moms is to plan their schedule and decide the goals for the day. When you have it clear in your mind that what goals you have to achieve you will become more productive and try to avoid setbacks and laziness during the day so that you are all done with your goals on time and free to enjoy the ME time.

Be sure to set realistic goals while you are planning your schedule and set good amount of rest time after a tiring day which would motivate you to work on time. Lastly, being a single mom is tougher than being moms so don’t push yourself to the limit of unrealistic goals and hopes for your kids. Dream what you can achieve for your kids and encourage them to work hard for their better future.