Tips for work-at-home moms!

We moms are “Super Moms” for us kids but only we know how difficult and hectic it may get for us to manage the house, our kids and work. Work at home moms seem to face more burden and need help in managing their work and home together. Here are some of my tried tips that would prove to make your lives a little less hectic.

For work at home moms, my first advice is to allocate your time wisely. This means decide when to do which job. You can’t do cleaning and work together at the same time. So choose the morning time to do most of your household chores. And after you are done, get along with your work related tasks. Cleaning can be reduced to twice a week unless you are clean freak and your day is incomplete without the alluring smell of dusters, cleaning liquids etc. If you vacuum your room, once a week is quite enough in my opinion. If you luckily find a good helper, that’s definitely a blessing for a work at home mom.

My second tip is to prepare your lunch and dinner all in the morning. When you are done preparing the lunch, they can be served immediately to the hungry kids. With a lullaby or two coupled with the carbo rush, kids should get pretty sleepy by then. This will give you a lot of time for your work. When the kids are asleep, only can you peacefully concentrate on your work. Kids usually take a two hour nap in the afternoon which usually proves to be enough for work. Sometimes work at home moms have jobs in which they have to respond to a given task immediately. Don’t over burden yourself by thinking so much about how you will manage all by yourself! A part-time helper might be a drag to the household income but if spending a little of that income means you will be able to balance out all the stresses at home, Do it!

Sometimes in the race of managing everything well and living up to the title, we have totally forgotten that we are human beings too! Other than being the “Super Mom” in front of the kids, we also need some time-off for ourselves. Our family’s happiness is directly related to our health, so take some time out for the aerobics routine you have wanted to try or visit a salon for a mani-pedi or just read a good book and relax your mind of all your worries temporary.