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Treasure Box ChildCare Centre – because a child’s future is precious

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Conveniently located amidst the various tuition, activities and learning centers in the Parkway Centre, in close vicinity to a number of bus stops and within walking distance from the Parkway Parade, Treasure Box Childcare Centre is a place where every child – whether a toddler or a preschooler – is accepted with attention and dedication. The center’s philosophy revolves around providing children with not only a learning experience, but also a nurturing environment where they will be able to develop a myriad of skills: from cooking to partnership.

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Upon entering, both the children and the parents are welcomed with a proud display of the works of children from the center along with a warm, playful atmosphere of orange and yellow walls. The philosophy of Treasure Box Childcare Centre, which proposes combining playing and learning, is evident in every single display: while learning how to count, spell and speak Mandarin, children are encouraged to present it in a creative, colorful way. It is without a doubt a place where children come to know that learning can and should be fun!

The vast space of the center should also come as no surprise: at Treasure Box Childcare Centre, children are encouraged to explore and investigate the space around them and learn by doing. To encourage this, Treasure Box Childcare Centre features a great variety of toys, tools, nooks and corners where children can get to know the world in the best possible way: by using their hands and heads.




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This is why at Treasure Box Childcare Centre, under a watchful eye of their teachers, children can read in a library designed for their age, spend their time learning about different modes of transportation, dress up in costumes, play with toys – but also learn about what natural disasters are, how to protect themselves in traffic and what’s important for home safety.

Although the individualistic approach and letting the children play around in such a huge area may seem scary to parents, Treasure Box has a fantastic way of keeping all the children safe and in check at all times: their children to teacher ratio is impeccable. For the youngest ones, a teacher is in charge for only three to four children, thus making sure that they are watched at all times. It is only when the children reach an age of five or six that one teacher is assigned to fifteen children.


Another testimony to Treasure Box’s philosophy of experiential learning and discovery is their unique activity program called Tell Me Why, during which children are driven to improve their observation, listening and communication skills by answering the (sometimes dreaded) Why questions about things that interest them.

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As you can see from the displays, all of the activities and daily life in Treasure Box Childcare Center is bilingual, which will make your children equipped with two essential languages: English and Chinese. According to the parents whose children attend the center, this, along with the dedication of Treasure Box to have parents always involved, is one of the best aspects of choosing Treasure Box for their children’s early education.


The curriculum of a preschool plays a vital role in moulding the children’s thinking/behaviour in the early stages of their life. A well structured curriculum acts like a roadmap which helps the parents understand what their kids are learning in school and also enable the kids to meet language, physical, social, creativity, cognitive targets. Most of the teachers at Treasure Box ChildCare Centre are certified with diplomas in Early Childhood Education, which allows them to tap on the most up-to-date childhood education research to nurture the kids. The heart of the curriculum was designed in the manner so that the kids will not find learning a chore and will truly enjoy every classes as though it’s their playtime. Treasure Box also took a progressive approach in planning the curriculum from infant through kindergarten, starting from the emphasis on sensory and phonics which slowly progresses to emotion stability/creativity/confidence & self esteem to social cohesiveness/storytelling and finally to learn about events in the world/dramatic role playing etc.


Vivian Ang, MD of Treasure Box ChildCare Centre, believed that in order to be the best provider of an early childhood education, she must first be equipped with the right knowledge to shape the industry. With her wealth of experience (>20 years) in the childcare industry, armed with a Bachelor of Science from Wheelock College, a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies and a Certificate in infant/toddler care & development, Treasure Box had nurtured numerous batches of children under her guidance. Establishing a career in the early childhood industry meant a lot to Vivian and she strongly believed that it is only through contribution back to the industry that more people can benefit from it. Hence, she is seen as an active participant in student attachment programs and a valuable mentor to the students pursuing a career in the early childhood industry.

Treasure Box ChildCare Centre currently provides playgroups, nursery 1/2 up to kindergarten 1/2. Come experience the unique “ME” teaching approach and witness  the transformation changes in your kids today! For more information on Treasure Box ChildCare Centre and how Vivian and her team of dedicated teachers can assist in your childcare needs, contact them to set up a meeting or schedule a visit!

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